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Driving Matters offer top-quality yet cheap driving lessons in Partick, to learner drivers of all ages and levels of driving ability. Our team of friendly instructors all benefit from years of experience of teaching pupils to pass their test first time, and have an intimate knowledge of the local features and driving conditions of the Partick area.

All of our driving instructors are fully-qualified – meaning that they have passed all three parts of their Approved Driving Instructor exam. Some other driving schools in Partick may send pupils out onto the roads with trainee driving instructors, who may have only been assessed on their ability to drive – not their ability to teach. We are very proud of the teaching skills possessed by our instructors and the high level of tuition we provide.

To find out more about learning to drive, or to ask any questions you may have about the whole process please call Robert now on 07447 928 225. He will explain everything to you quickly and clearly, and will recommend a specific instructor who will be right for you – based on your particular requirements and availability for lessons. So don’t hesitate – call today.

Driving Around Partick

Partick is one of the main areas of Glasgow that makes up the West End of the city, bordering neighbouring areas such as Whiteinch, Hillhead and Hyndland. Partick has a rich history, dating back to King David I of Scotland’s grant of land to the Bishops of Glasgow, and with industrial development in the 19th Century had grown at one point to a population of nearly 70,000 – substantial higher than it is just now.

As you would expect, being so close to Byres Road and the University of Glasgow, Partick has a large population of students (and staff). It also features a range of architectural styles, ranging from the grand houses at Partickhill to modern developments near the Clyde.

Partick has a number of primary schools that you should approach with caution – to reduce the risk of having to perform an emergency stop should young children enter the road without warning. These schools – including Thornwood Primary School, Broomhill Primary School, Hyndland Primary School and St Peter’s Primary School – will be marked with appropriate traffic signs to indicate when children are likely to be entering or leaving the schools, and to reduce the speed limit to 20mph at these times.

In terms of specific driving conditions, Partick has a number of very busy roads, particularly Dumbarton Road, Byres Road to the East and Crow Road to the West. You should obviously be wary of these routes when first learning to drive, and wait until you have gained some confidence in the basic skills before venturing out on these major roads – particularly during peak rush hours. The Clyde Expressway is also within the Partick area, though you should not be driving on this until you are very much more experienced – since it involves changing speed limits and tends to be very busy.

There are a couple of traffic cameras within Partick – first of all there is a fixed speed camera with a 30 mph limit on South Street, and secondly there is a mixed red light / speed camera on Victoria Park Drive South at Westland Drive.

In general we usually don’t recommend Partick as being particularly suitable for learner drivers to practice between lessons – it would be more beneficial to travel to nearby locations such as Anniesland, which is more suitable for learner drivers to practice on. This also has the benefit of helping to familiarise yourself with some of the driving conditions and road features you may encounter during your test – since Anniesland Test Centre is the nearest test centre for pupils learning to drive in Partick.

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If you are considering booking some driving lessons in Partick then you should give Driving Matters a try. With great prices and friendly, hugely experienced instructors, you won’t regret it.

To find out more about learning to drive, or to go ahead and book your first lesson in Partick, please call Robert on 07447 928 225 now. A hugely experienced instructor himself, Robert will listen to your requirements and recommend one of our instructors that would best suit your needs – in terms of learning styles as well as availability for scheduling lessons. Don’t delay – call today!