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Driving Matters is a local driving school offering friendly and affordable driving lessons in Maryhill to pupils of all ages and stages.

We are different to some other driving schools in Maryhill in that we only give lessons with fully-qualified Approved Driving Instructors (ADI). This means that our instructors have passed an assessment of their teaching ability – not just their driving skills.

To find out more about driving lessons, or to book your first lesson please contact Robert on 07447 928 225. He will answer any questions you may have, and recommend the ideal instructor for you based on your specific availability and requirements.

Driving Around Maryhill

Maryhill is a mostly residential area of North West Glasgow with a population of around 50,000, and includes a number of distinct communities – including Firhill, North Kelvinside, Queen’s Cross, Woodside, St George’s Cross, Summerston, Acre and Wyndford. Situated close to the University of Glasgow in the West End of the city, Maryhill has a substantial student population – particularly with halls of residence such as Murano Street Student Village and Wolfson Hall in the area.

If you live in Maryhill then your closest driving test centre will usually be Anniesland Test Centre, or possibly Springburn Park Test Centre on Balornock Road. Our instructors are very familiar with the roads and driving conditions at both test centres, and have a great deal of experience teaching pupils to learn to drive in Maryhill – so they will be able to advise you on local driving conditions during your lessons. This knowledge may come in handy if you are practising on these roads under supervision between lessons.

Maryhill has a number of schools, particular primary schools, at which you will need to pay particular attention. Because of the increased risk of young children suddenly entering the road, schools will have road signs clearly visible at main entrances – at peak hours while these signs are flashing your maximum speed limit will be reduced from the usual 30mph in built-up areas to 20mph. There are also usually parking restrictions a short distance either side of road crossings at schools – this again is to increase visibility of young children for drivers, reducing the chance of accidents.

Primary Schools in Maryhill include St Mary’s Primary School, Ruchill Primary School, St Charles’ Primary School, The Glasgow Academy Preparatory School at Kelvinbridge, Westercommon Primary School, St Cuthbert’s Primary School, Dunard Primary School and St Joseph’s Primary School. There are secondary schools within the general area as well, including John Paul Academy and The Glasgow Academy.

There are a number of very busy roads in Maryhill – including Queen Margaret Drive, Maryhill Road and Garscube Road – which you should avoid using during peak hours until you have gained a bit more confidence in your basic driving skills. These roads are main routes used by commuters, so attract an enormous amount of traffic first things in the morning and also when people leave their places of work in the early evening.

We usually recommend particular areas that you can use to practice your basic skills between lessons – including Turn in Road, Reverse Round Corner and Reverse Park exercises – for example some of the quieter streets in Ruchill or Summerston.

Another feature to draw your attention to is the number of bus lanes in the area – particularly on Maryhill Road itself. Pay careful attention to the hours of operation marked on these, since some are only in operation during peak daytime driving hours, whereas others are in operation 24 hours per day.

Call Robert on 07447 928 225 To Book Lessons in Maryhill

At Driving Matters we are exceptionally proud of our record in offering the best quality driving lessons to pupils in Maryhill – at the best prices. Our instructors are all welcoming, fully-qualified and extremely knowledgeable about driving in general, as well as specific driving conditions throughout the Maryhill area.

If you have any questions about learning to drive, or if you would like to discuss your requirements in more detail then please do not hesitate to contact Robert on 07447 928 225. Robert will discuss what you want, then recommend a specific driving instructor to suit your needs and availability. So why not call and book your first lesson today!