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Driving Matters are a friendly driving school based in East Dunbartonshire, and we offer affordable driving lessons in Bearsden to all standards of learners – whether you just need a few refresher lessons before your test, or if you are a nervous learner who has never even sat behind the wheel before.

Our driving instructors each hold a full ADI (Approved Driving Instructor) licence, meaning they have demonstrated not just that they have an excellent understanding of driving theory and the practical skills required on the road – but that they have the ability to teach learner drivers calmly and effectively in a variety of learning styles. Some driving schools in Bearsden may use trainee driving instructors, who could have excellent driving skills but a limited experience of teaching.

To discuss your requirements, or to book your first lesson please call Robert on 07447 928 225 – he will recommend one of our drivers who would be most suitable for you, based on your particular preferences. For instance, whether you are looking for a block booking for an intensive or semi-intensive course, or whether you are only available at certain times of the day or week.

Driving Around Bearsden

Bearsden is located in East Dunbartonshire, about 6 miles north and west of Glasgow, with a population of around 30,000. Neighbouring communities include Baljaffray, Hillfoot, Mosshead, Kessington, Killermont and Westerton.

Bearsden has a rich history, with the Antonine Wall and associated Bath House a present-day reminder of the Roman presence in the area in the second century AD – shortly before pulling back to Hadrian’s Wall further south. Because of it’s proximity to Glasgow, Bearsden has many of the characteristics of a commuter town, with several very large roads leading in and out of the city – which can get very busy at peak hours.

If you are learning to drive in Bearsden, then your closest test centre will be Anniesland Test Centre, on Anniesland Road. Since our instructors have been preparing pupils to pass their tests at this centre for many years they will be able to give you practical tips and pointers on the driving conditions and road features you are likely to encounter during your test. Although test routes are no longer formally published, since our pupils use Anniesland Test Centre so often we always have an up-to-date understanding of the current routes in use.

When practising your driving in and around Bearsden, there are a number of features of the road that you should watch out for – these include busy roads and junctions, speed cameras, speed and parking restrictions near schools and more.

During lessons your driving instructor will point all of these kinds of features out to you, but in case you are practising between lessons you may find the following instructional guide useful – at least until you are more familiar with both your local area and the skills of driving.

One of the main speed cameras you are likely to encounter in the Bearsden area is located on Drymen Road – this is obviously a road with a 30mph speed limit, so be sure to watch your speed, even if it seems that other drivers are travelling faster!

Bearsden has a high number of schools, both at primary and secondary level – these usually have traffic signals in operation that reduce the speed limit at times that young children are likely to be entering or leaving the buildings. And they usually have zig-zag markings on the side of the road at entrances, which indicate that you are not allowed to park just to either side of frequently-used road crossings – this is obviously for child safety, since parking in these positions would restrict visibility of children about to cross the road to other road users.

Some of Bearsden’s Primary Schools include Mosshead Primary School, Baljaffray Primary School, Killermont Primary School, Bearsden Primary School, St. Andrew’s Primary School, Colquhoun Park Primary School, as well as the High School of Glasgow Junior School. Secondary Schools include Bearsden Academy and Boclair Academy.

There are a number of busy roads and junctions in the Bearsden area, such as Milngavie Road, which attract significant numbers of vehicles at peak hours – this is because so many people in Bearsden commute in and out of town at rush hour. It may be sensible, particularly when first learning to drive, if you can plan your routes to avoid busy roads and junctions such as these – at least until you are more confident.

One of the largest roundabout systems in the area is the Canniesburn Toll Roundabout. This is obviously very busy, as it provides access to and from the main Switchback Road (A739). But there are a couple of points where you will need to exercise caution and approach slowly, due to limited visibility. The first is on approach to Canniesburn Toll from the Switchback – as you come down the hill towards the roundabout you will have a restricted view of traffic coming round the roundabout to your right, so you must approach slowly and only enter the roundabout once you can see clearly that there is no oncoming traffic.

The second point is when you leave Canniesburn Toll onto Macfarlane Road – this route takes you to a very small roundabout where Macfarlane Road meets the main Milngavie Road (A81). Again this needs to be approached very slowly since you will more than likely encounter traffic travelling at speed along Milngavie Road – so only enter the small roundabout once you have clear visibility.

Bearsden has a number of quite good locations for you to practice your required driving skills between lessons – including Turn in Road, Reverse Park and Reverse Round the Corner:

  • Baillie Drive
  • Campsie Drive
  • Grampian Way
  • Montrose Drive

There are a number of other road features and common driving conditions that your instructor will point out to you during lessons – things like the yellow junction box at Bearsden Cross. All our drivers are very familiar with local conditions.

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If you have any questions about learning to drive or about our driving lessons in particular, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with Robert – either by calling 07447 928 225 or through the email contact form on the site. Robert will answer all your questions and then recommend the right instructor for you – depending on your availability, whether you have booked a test already, etc. Your instructor will then contact you to arrange a door-to-door pickup at a suitable time for your first lesson.